Avengers Mech Strike Iron Man Strikeshot Gauntlet


• IRON MAN TECH: the Avengers super heroes need the latest powerful weapons to defend against intergalactic attacks. This Iron Man Strikeshot Gauntlet is engineered by the Avengers’ most brilliant minds.

• COMES WITH NERF PROJECTILES: children can create epic battles while wearing this Iron Man Strikeshot Gauntlet. Mech Strike one: activate! Mech Strike two: fire NERF Dart and strike the overwhelming threat! Reload and repeat!

• EARTH’S MIGHTIEST MECHS: worn on the hand, Iron Man’s Strikeshot Gauntlet expands and blasts NERF projectiles to battle enemies. Armour-activation is the planet’s last hope against seemingly insurmountable odds.

• MECH UP! When villains threaten the world, children can gear up like the Avengers and get armed for combat, costume play or the next mission! Will these enhanced Mech Strike tools be enough to save the day?

Dimensions (cm) (H X W X D) 22.86 x 35.56 x 6.6675

Age recommended 5+

Eyewear recommended (sold separately)