Kindi Kids Show & Tell Pets Caterina The Kitten


The Kindi Kids now have their own adorable pets and they can’t wait to show you what they can do and tell you all about them!

Say hello to the Show 'n' Tell Pets! It's Pet Play Day at Rainbow Kindi! Pirouetta is so excited for you to meet her pet fur bestie - Caterina the Kitty! It's going to be the most Pawfect day! Caterina is one of the Kindi Kids Show 'n' Tell Pets.

The cutest little pets who love to play with you in their own special way. Caterina is the purrrfect elegant kitty! While Pirouetta practices barre dancing, Caterina practices her purrs, knowing the pampering begins when the dancing is over. This little pink kitty has the same sweet styling as Pirouetta.

(The Kindi Kids Pirouetta doll is sold separately).

Caterina loves to be brushed with her Shopkin Brush. Slide the brush along the middle of Caterina's head and watch her eyes close!

These fun-filled pets all have a similar look and style to their Kindi Kid owners! They all have their own unique movement that brings them to life when they play with their toy or accessory! 

Age recommended 3+ years