Wooden Crab Line with Bait Bag 15cm - No Plastic TY4943


Plastic Free Crab Line With Bait Bag - a beautiful eco-friendly plastic free version of the quintessential British seaside crabbing line. Our 10m Plastic Free Crab Line is made of wood and hessian. The hessian bait bag comes with a few stones enclosed for weights. You simply need to pop some bait inside and enjoy hours of un catching crabs off the groins, the pier and in the rock pools around the coast. No hooks, safe to use and for the crabs!

Shrimp heads left over from your pint of prawns, a smashed mussel or clam, or even bread or a bit of chicken work well as bait. Don't forget your crabbing bucket! Keep the water in the bucket fresh, so it stays oxygenated and cold and be sure to release them back to the sea afterwards.