Babidu is a Spanish clothing brand for younger children aged 0-8 years founded by their designer Eva Rodríguez who has over 25 years experience.
The brand prides itself in defending the use of natural fabrics and fibres in their clothing. Every clothing item is designed with comfort and health in mind.
All their products are made out of 100% cotton as it acts as a form of protection for small children's skin whilst maintaining the clothes' breathability.
Each of the fabrics they use are handmade and sourced in Valencia, Spain whilst holding unbeatable value for money. 
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Babidu | Baby Girls Fleece Babygrow | Front View | Chocoloons
Babidu Baby Girls Pink Velvet Babygrow | Front View | ChoooLoons
Babidu | Sky Blue And White Gingham Babygrow | Front View | Chocoloons
Babidu | 2PC Grey & White Babygrow Set | Front View | ChocoLoons
Babidu | White, Fluffy Baby Grow With Star Detail | Chocoloons
Babidu Baby | Velvet Pale Grey Long Sleeve Baby Grow With Shirt Collar | Stripe Detail Around Shirt Collar | Front View |Chocoloons
Babidu | 2 PC Pink & White Babygrow Set | Strawberry Print | ChocoLoons
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Babidu | Sky Blue & White Babygrow with turtle print | ChocoLoons
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Babidu | Baby Boy 2pc Blue & White Babygrow | ChocoLoons
Babidu | Pink & White 2 pc Ruffle Neck Babygrow | ChocoLoons
Girl Wearing Babidu  Girls Pink & White 2 Piece Short Set | ChocoLoons
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Babidu | Spanish Childrenswear | Emerald (Green) Frill Collar Dress | Front View | ChocoLoons
Babidi | Spanish Childrenswear | Frill Collar Dress | ChocoLoons
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Babidu | Off white dress with floral pattern | Long sleeves| Ruffle collar | Diaper/nappy cover | Front view | Chocoloons
Babidu | 2 PC Sky Blue & White long sleeved top with sky blue trousers with toes in | ChocoLoons
Babidu | Baby Girls Pink & White Frills Collar Babygrow | ChocoLoons
Babidu | Peter Pan Collar Bloomer Set | Blue | ChocoLoons
Girl Wearing Babidu Floral Frills Dress | ChocoLoons
Girl Wearing Babidu Orange Gingham Dress | ChocoLoons
Babidu | Spanish Childrenswear | Emerald (Green) Frill Collar Play Suit And Shirt | ChocoLoons