Maileg is a Danish toy company which encourages and inspires children to have an imagination ranging from mice using matchboxes as beds to their very first cuddly teddy.
Maileg is also proud of the unique quality of their products. Their intention is to promote joy and encourage children to play imaginatively. Each product is created with a unique aesthetic to Maileg prolonging their lifetime, allowing them to be passed from generation to generation.
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Maileg | Little Sister Dance Mouse Sitting In Daybed | ChocoLoons
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Maileg | Big Sister Tricycle Mouse | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Rose coloured tooth fairy mouse with star wand |  Comes in a light blue match box with a small pink heart shaped tin with a tooth on the front | Chocoloons Toys
Maileg | Small mouse soft toy in a striped dress | Comes with a matchbox bed with | Chocoloons
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Maileg Mouse Lying In Miniature Vintage Bed | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Two small mice soft toys inside a miniature blue sleeping bag inside a matchbox | Chocoloons
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Maileg | Abri à Tricycle | Ocher | Mouse playing with tricycle View | ChocoLoons
Maileg Big Brother Tricycle Mouse | ChocoLoons
Maileg Mouse Sitting In Miniature High Chair | ChocoLoons
Maileg Mouse In Miniature Bathtub | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Angel Mouse & Miniature Suitcase | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Beach Mice | Little Brother in Cabin de Plage | Front View | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Micro Stroller | Powder | Front View | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Baby Mouse Carrycot | Mouse in Cot | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Miniature Cooking Set | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Grandma & Grandpa Mice In Match Box | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Mice party printed paper gift bag | Chocoloons
Maileg | Plush mouse toy in a blue and gold princess dress with a gold head band | Pink matchbox style box with a castle design | Mini Mattresses with a pea attached, a mini pillow and a mini knitted blanket | Chocoloons
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Maileg | Cream fluffy bunny soft toy with blush bow tied around the neck | Chocoloons
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Maileg| Soft Bunny | Offwhite  | Chocoloons
Maileg | My First Bunny In Box | Dusty Rose | Chocoloons
Maileg | Sand coloured teddy bear toy | Blue bow tied around neck | Blue box with a vintage look | Chocoloons
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Maileg | Afternoon Tea Set | Purple Madelaine | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Dance Mouse | Big Sister | Giselle | Front View | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Mum Mouse | Front View | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Tea & Biscuits For Two | ChocoLoons
Maileg Miniature Fireplace | Lit Up | ChocoLoons
Maileg Miniature Sink Dresser With Mirror | Dark Powder | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Small mouse soft toy in a yellow shirt and blue shorts | Comes with a matchbox bed | Chocoloons
Maileg | Chef Mouse With Soup Pot & Spoon | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Babysitter | Micro | Rabbit in Babysitter View | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Wellness Mouse | Big Sister | Bath View | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Big Sister Mouse | Matchbox | Front View | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Princess & the Pea | Big Sister Mouse | Front View | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Sleepy/Wakey Baby Mouse In Matchbox | Blue | ChocoLoons
Maileg Mouse Sitting On Miniature Couch | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Sleepy/Wakey Baby Mouse In Matchbox | Rose | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Mum & Dad In Cigarbox | ChocoLoons
Maileg Triplets | Baby Mice In Matchbox | ChocoLoons
Maileg | Cream coloured bunny soft toy wearing a blue tartan Pyjama set | Chocoloons
Maileg | Cream coloured bunny soft toy in a blue floral print nightgown | Chocoloons