Blade & Rose

Blade and Rose is a British family business that creates highly quality children's clothing made out of top quality yarn. The brand maintains a high quality of products as they believe their materials needs to be durable, functional, washable and most importantly kind to a baby's skin.
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Blade & Rose Highland Cow Top | Chocoloons
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Bow Wearing Blade & Rose Highland Cow Leggings | Chocoloons
Blade & Rose | Baby in a red Long sleeved top | Sheep face on the front | Chocoloons
Blade & Rose | Little boy wearing rainbow striped leggings | Blue patch on the bum with a sheep face | Chocoloons
Blade & Rose | Grey and Blue baby leggings with a blue, pink and green apple and kiwi pattern | Chocoloons
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Blade & Rose | Little girl wearing a blue long sleeved top with a smiling apple printed on the front | Chocoloons
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Blade & Rose | Grey and blue socks with an apple design and a green cuff | Chocoloons
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