Edz Kidz-Folding Ear Defenders-Assorted Colours


Edz Kids Ear Defenders - great for concerts and other noisy environments!  Children with sensory processing difficulties, ASD, Asperger's Autism, ADHD and other Special Needs can be sensitive to certain noises and these ear defenders can help , enabling children to feel more comfortable and less anxious.

They come complete with a comfortable padded head band.

Weighing only 190 grams, these earmuffs are light but sturdy. They can be folded up to fit in the palm of your hand, making them easy to carry with you, or store away.

They can be used in a wide variety of settings - from concerts and car races to sporting events and shopping centres. Use them to protect your child's hearing or to help settle them when disturbed by a noisy environment.

Conform to EN352-1 and CE marked

Weight 190 grams 

Edz Kidz can be worn by children of all ages. However, we recommend that they are not used on children less than 6 months old. This is due to the fact that newborns heads are quite soft, and the ear defenders are a reasonably tight fit.

Edz Kidz Ear Defenders are a "one size fits all" product. Each side of the ear muffs is adjustable in length. Once placed on the head, each ear covering can be lengthened simply by pulling the ear covering downwards. As a result, EDZ KIDZ ear defenders grow with your child!