Little Dutch - Stacking Cups 2 Styles to choose from


These colourful Stacking Cups are perfect for your child's imagination and motor skills. Your child will love stacking the cups up to make an amazing tower and they'll have even more fun knocking it over after! Hours of fun guaranteed. Rendered in range of colours, they are sure to entertain your little one.

 Stack and create the tower on a playpen, on the floor or in the bathtub or sandbox. Thanks to the versatile material it can be used anywhere. Place the little cups inside the larger ones for easy storage. Total height: 43 cm.

  • Contains 8 varying cups in size and colour making it perfect for storing away after use!
  • Helps to develop your child's fine motor and numerical skills.
  • Age recommended 12+months
  • Pink (no picture shown)/ Vintage/ Blue (no picture shown